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  1. Grizzly Adam

    top-quotation-marks-left.png Like an idiot I got tunnel vision and like a idiot I don't have chaps. Was watching the tree to see what it was doing became fixated on it and stuck the saw in to cut just a little more. When I pulled the saw out, fortunately it wasn't going full throttle I brushed it against my knee. 14 stitches and extremely lucky. Later I told the wife, who is a ER nurse, I won't be cutting again without chaps PERIOD. bottom-quotation-marks-right.png

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  1. wheelin1
    Been waiting for mine and yes I am very lucky, I have never used them and when I was younger cut many cords of wood, just recent I was trying to start a saw and got a small bandage injury, had the saw started it would have looked like your injury I am sure. I lost control when the pull cord abruptly stopped when pulled. I was trying to start the saw after replacing the fuel system. Thanks! For sharing I am sure I would have broken down and worked on the wood before the chaps arrived as I got a notice today the shipment was delayed. Good thing I read this this afternoon. Thank you! I will be waiting.
  2. Woodchuck Chuck
    Woodchuck Chuck
    Everyone buying a chainsaw needs to see this. The other day my neighbour was using his wearing shorts and flip flop shoes. Makes your blood curdle.