USCG, NOAA and Merchant Marine Retirees, Info here!!! Covid-19

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    Mr. Robert C. Hinds

    CG Retiree Services Program Manager (CG-1335)

    E-Mail: Phone: 202-475-5451

    As the Commandant shared in his Statement to the Workforce on 13 March 2020 regarding the Coast Guard’s legacy in responding to threats – “THIS IS WHAT WE DO.” You can read the full statement at: Know that the Coast Guard remains Ready, Relevant, andResponsive, maintaining readiness of its active duty/civilian workforce and continuity of service to our retirees, throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

    My focus during this temporary threat remains “communications,” working to ensure you are kept informed on programs, policy, and issues of importance to you; and your concerns are communicated to CG senior leadership. CG/PHS/NOAA uniformed retirees and annuitants can expect continued on-time payment of the pay and benefits to which you are entitled.

    The Commandant highlighted our resiliency (“capacity to recover quickly from difficulty/challenge; toughness; elasticity, or ability to bounce back”) in meeting challenges. As you may know, people 60 years and older, particularly those with underlying health conditions, are less resilient and more susceptible to illness from diseases like COVID-19. People 80 years and older, ~6,600 (12%) of our retiree community, are at higher risk. Many retirees are not connected to our CG and other networks. Caregivers of retirees may also be at greater risk.

    All this to say, I am committed to helping us all stay connected and informed and doing whatever I can to support your needs as retirees. To that end, please:

    Finally, I’m reminded of poignant words from a poem (Pandemic) shared by CDR Cynthia Kane, CG Chaplain, during a recent CG-1 e-Town Hall. “…And when your body has become still, reach out with your heart. Know that we are connected in ways that are terrifying and beautiful. (You could hardly deny it now.) Know that our lives are in one another’s hands…”

    Please stay safe, be well, and take care of one another!

    Bob Hinds, MS

    Retiree Services Program Manager

    USCG Commandant (CG-1335)

    Office: 202-475-5451


    USCG AVI4 (Ret), Honorary CG MCPO

    I am currently teleworking, responding to e-mails/v-mails.
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