★★★☆☆ Orford Wood Pellets (Review)

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    Orford Wood Pellet: FINAL RESULTS

    Average air temp - 140 - 183 (new readings from heat exchange tubes)

    Ash Volume - 8 ounces

    Ash Weight – 1.55 ounces

    Ash Percentage – .24%

    Fines In Bag – less than 1/8th cup

    Pellet Length Avg. – 1/4” – 3/4”

    Bag Weight – 40.4 lbs.

    Burn time – 14 hours (approx.)

    Bag Date – N/A

    Donated by ttdberg
    This batch is rumored to be Eagle Valley
    Low fines and ash
    Distributed by Valfei Products

    There are two varieties of these Orford pellets. One is rumored to be Eagle Valley and the other one I’ll be testing is Pinnacle Doug Fir.

    Despite what the pictures look like, the pellets are blonde in color and have a nice sheen. They fed fairly well but I did have a little funneling. Fines were low considering these were well traveled. Ash was a darker grey color, coarse and fluffy. I did develop a dark ash cake at the bottom of my fire pot. In the ash picture you can see in lying on top of the ash.

    All in all these gave off good heat burned well but I have to ding it for the ash cake that lined the entire bottom of my fire pot. This batch seems to be on-par with an LG pellet. I rate these 3.5 stars (borderline 4)


    Disclaimer: as with everything....YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY....the review is just my opinion of them ***Pictures may not reflect actual color of pellets and ash***

    IMG_20170305_111747127.jpg IMG_20170305_111808964.jpg IMG_20170218_163719252_HDR.jpg IMG_20170218_163724235_HDR.jpg IMG_20170219_112808191.jpg IMG_20170219_112843709.jpg