★★★★☆ La crete (review)

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    Jul 14, 2015
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    La crete

    High temp, side of door. 396

    Air temp - 188.2

    Fines - low- medium / Dusty

    Ash volume - 6oz

    Ash weight - 1.28oz

    Ash percent - .20%

    Bag weight -40lbs

    Stove setting - medium

    Fuel type - softwood/spruce

    Pellet length - 1/8” - 1 “

    Donated by Alex @ dakeryn
    price? Not available in my area.

    Another great softwood. The pellets have a light blonde color. I really like how small they are and feed very well. Heat was good and consistent flame. Low ash and little hard ash build up. I would pick some up in they are ever around in my area.

    This is a home test, always try a few bags for yourself before stocking up.

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