Chimney Sweep Chimney sweep service for Metro Denver and foothills

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    Hello I work for Neptune Chimney Service in Pine Colorado about 30 minutes west of Lakewood up highway 285. I am offering discounts to any and all FHC members. Normal Sweeps are $189 for a wood stove but we'll take care of you for $165 if you mention FHC.

    Pellet stoves. We do a deep clean and sweep the flue for you at a rate of $225 normally, will do it for $200 for FHC members. This means removing blowers and baffles as necessary, and cleaning all exhaust passages.

    We also repair and diagnose wood, pellet and gas stoves/fireplaces. Certified and insured.

    Please call us at 303-838-0717

    We will travel most anywhere in the state but outside of 30 miles a mileage charge does apply. This won't boost up the initial fee though so no worries there.

    Thanks for looking,