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Firewood & Cord Calcuations

How to figure out how much wood you've got!

FHC Cord Calculator

A cord of firewood measures 4' x 4' x 8' and contains 128 cubic feet. You can calculate the size of a stack in cubic feet by measuring the height, depth, and length of the stack and multiplying one by the other two. For instance:

4' high x 1.5' deep x 48' long = 288 cubic feet

To figure out how many cord is in that same stack, simple divide it's size in cubic feet by the 128 cubic feet that are in a cord.

288 cubic feet divided by 128 cubic feet = 2.25 cord

Log to Cord Calculator

Log Diameter:

Log Length:

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Recent Reviews

  1. Woodpusherpro
    Very good resource.

    I wanted to know how much to stack on a typical 40" x 48" pallet to equal a rick (face cord, 1/3 cord, etc.).

    I had to plug and play with the height to equal .34 cord, bht quickly found it to be 40".

    Could be improved, but handy and useful nevertheless.
  2. RCK48
    Great calculator & info.
  3. Hammy
    Works well. Thank
  4. RGrant
    This is exceptionally well made and useful. I have been referencing it myself and sharing it with others.
  5. Sourwood
    Handy device. Can one be made to measure a holzen haus? Formula is height x pi x radius squared. read that a traditional 7' tall by 8' diameter is 2 cords.
  6. joey arsenault
    joey arsenault
    love the log chart
  7. PogoInTheWoods
    Handy dandy for sure. I like the log calculator too, and wonder how that one works. I've used the formula for finding cylinder volume as a guess-timate for the cubic feet in a log..., which will obviously be less than when it's split and stacked with all the air space.
  8. Grahamt
    I had no idea how much wood I had , this makes it easy
  9. MarcusScott03
    Easy to use
  10. dfmcleod
    it was quick and easy . i had already measured out my wood previously though.