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Welcome to the Firewood Hoarders Club

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Welcome to the Firewood Hoarders Club

Here at the FHC we pride ourselves in being the most down to earth forum around. Whether you want a friendly chat about your burner, need help getting your saw running or just want a tree identified-- you have come to the right place! We have a lot of knowledgeable folks with years, sometimes decades, of experience and we are all more than happy to help. So grab a drink, make yourself cozy right by the fire and introduce yourself to the group-- we are all anxious to meet you.

What Makes FHC So Great?
  • Great Resourses!

    Here at FHC we've got the only sortable firewood BTU chart available, and it's also the only one to actually include drying times. New to the firewood process? Check out the Primer on Woodburning. Need a cord calculator or a liability waiver? We've got those too! Check out the Resources tab for more great information and documents.
    FHC Logo
  • The Smokehouse!

    We love wood. And BBQ. And barbecuing with wood. Whether you converted an old grill to cook with firewood or just throw a few chips in with your charcoal to add flavour, The Smokehouse is the place for you. Smokers, pellet grills, canners and even home-brew beers and wines are welcome.
  • More Features!

    Our members like features, and we like giving features to them! We have a whole forum dedicated to Suggestions and Support, so if you have a question drop by and let us know. View the latest features here!
  • We've Got the Best Members Around!

    The Firewood Hoarders Club is built on the high standards and class of our members. Their generosity is illustrated by the karma "pay it forward" giveaways that seems to spring up here all the time. Needless to say we are a very friendly bunch!
  • We've Got the Swag!

    Sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirt, coffee cups, and Official Super Cedears featuring custom FHC labels are all available to our members in the Swag Shoppe. It is through our swag sales that FHC is able to operate completely free of outside advertisements and remain the biggest unbiased Firewood, Stove, and Chainsaw forum out there!
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