★★★☆☆ Spruce Point Wood Pellets (Review)

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    Spruce Point : FINAL RESULTS

    Temp Average - 400+

    Ash Volume - 10 ounces

    Ash Weight – 1.35 ounces

    Ash Percentage - .21% (Very Good)

    Fines In Bag – 24 oz.

    Pellet Length Avg. – 1/8” – 1/2”

    Bag Weight – 40.2 lbs.

    Burn time – 12.5 hours (approx.)

    Bag Date – N/A


    Donated by ttdberg from McManus Fuels
    $239 ton
    Low Ash
    Loaded with fines and sawdust
    Weak bags

    The pellets are very blonde in color and some had sheen and some were dry looking. These 100% remind me of North Country pellets. The pellets were also very small with lots bits and pieces and some broken in half, length wise. They fed extremely well due to their size, maybe even too fast which is why I got a shorter burn time. The pellets ignited very quickly, one of the fastest I’ve burned. Ash was light and fluffy and medium, brownish-grey in color. Fines and sawdust were plentiful coming in at 24oz.

    All in all I these burned great but was disappointed in all the sawdust that was in the bag. I know these traveled a long way but I’m going to have to ding these for the sawdust and bit and pieces of pellets in the bag. At $239 a ton these are sweet! That being said I rate these at solid 3.5 stars.


    Disclaimer: as with everything....YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY....the review is just my opinion of them

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