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    Jul 14, 2015
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    High temp, side of door. 390

    Air temp - 185.2

    Fines - low- medium

    Ash volume - 4oz

    Ash weight - 1.55oz

    Ash percent - .24%

    Bag weight -40lbs

    Stove setting - medium

    Fuel type - Spruce-Pine-Fir mix (Heavy to Pine)

    Pellet length - ¼” - 1 3/8”

    Donated by Alex @ dakeryn
    price? Not available in my area.

    When I opened the bag there was a nice pine smell. Pellets where a good length. I had to work a little extra to get the heat out of these. I had to open the feed rate up a good amount to get the heat I did. Ash was on the low side with little hard ash in the burn pot. These are really 3.5 stars. I would recommend these depending on price.

    This is a home test, always try a few bags for yourself before stocking up.
    cc4ef551-c9bf-44d7-8125-97c732976037.jpg f2df55e5-f9dd-4ae8-8ca2-64179bdd1dff.jpg 4ffc6d26-50b0-4a1b-a6b3-65aa17563f46.jpg 2ff8cb16-a7fc-4e4a-8356-bc887c273d75.jpg f46129d9-be03-404e-995b-e3ca5ceff19b.jpg
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