Metal Detector Recommendations

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    Hey Everyone. Been skulking around here for a while but this is my first post. Have had a very long relationship with wood on several levels, including 17 years of hoarding firewood as my primary heat source. Also been known to "rescue" a piece here and there from firewood pile to use in the woodshop. Other trees don't even make it to the firewood processing as I have been doing greenwood carving the past couple years which brings me to my current reason for posting.

    A neighbor had a few trees removed to make room for a new septic system and I had the tree company drop the logs in my driveway. One Ash that is for the stove and the other turned out to be Ambrosia Maple! Essentially a hard/sugar Maple that was attacked by Ambrosia Beetles, leaving behind a beautiful spalting pattern.
    [​IMG]IMG_9546[/url] by Kyle, on Flickr[/IMG]
    Couldn't wait to start carving out a hand hewn bowl from a section and while hollowing the bowl with the adze suddenly noticed something shiny... It was getting dark and I was working outside by the light of the Coleman lantern but something wasn't right. Ran it into the basement to discover I had clipped the end off of a nail with my razor sharp Swedish forged Karlsson bowl adze:bug:.
    So, I'm thinking it's time to invest in a metal detector to make sure this never happens again. I would need it to be able to sense metal through 3 or 4 inches of wood minimum, with a high degree of reliability. The tools I'm using can take several grievous hours to restore a damaged edge, so I'm fine with spending a little money to spare myself & my tools. Any recommendations?
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    Welcome aboard RabbleRouser :salute:

    There are several sawyers around as I’m sure you know, hopefully someone chimes in to share their experience. :yes:
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