★☆☆☆☆ Maeder Brothers Wood Pellets (Review)

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    Maeder Brothers Wood Pellets: FINAL RESULTS

    Temp Average - 400

    Ash Volume - 26 ounces

    Ash Weight – 7.65 ounces

    Ash Percentage – 1.17% (TERRIBLE)

    Fines In Bag – at least ½ cup plus

    Pellet Length Avg. – bits and pieces - 1.5”

    Bag Weight – 41 lbs.

    Burn time – 15.5 hours (approx.)

    Bag Date – 3761

    Donated by Bucks Pellets (Thanks a lot Joe :D)
    Loaded with fines
    Super dusty

    I’m not even sure where to start; these were one of the worst pellets I’ve ever burned. Pellets ranged from bits and pieces to over 1.5” with the fines mixed throughout the bag. They don’t seem very dense as I had to jack up the feed rate to get heat out of these but then had to cut back because of buildup. They were also the dustiest pellets I’ve ever seen, it left a layer of dust on my stove after the bag pour cloud. Ash was very fine and light grey, almost white in color and TONS of it. I had to shut stove down, about half way, to clear up the clinker and buildup in the pot.

    All in all these things stink and this is what makes PFI a joke. Maeder is a PFI member and the bags CLEARLY list these as “Premium” pellets. They are not even close to “Premium”. I feel bad for people who have to burn these because they don’t have access to anything else. That being said I rate this 1 star and that’s only because it does produce some heat and zero stars isn’t one of the options.

    I’m not trying to dog the company but these are bad.

    Disclaimer: as with everything....YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY....the review is just my opinion of them

    ***Pictures may not reflect actual color of pellets and ash***

    IMAG0853.jpg IMAG0854.jpg IMAG0846.jpg IMAG0840.jpg IMAG0838.jpg IMAG0849.jpg IMAG0852.jpg