★★★☆☆ LG Granules Wood Pellets (Review)

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    LG Granules Wood Pellets: FINAL RESULTS

    Temp Average - 400+

    Ash Volume - 12 ounces

    Ash Weight – 1.75 ounces

    Ash Percentage - .27% (VERY GOOD)

    Fines In Bag – less than 1/8 cup

    Pellet Length Avg. – 1/2”- 1”

    Bag Weight – 40.2 lbs.

    Burn time – 13.5 hours (approx.)

    Bag Date – 517803


    Donated by ttdberg
    $275 ton
    Very low fines
    Made from Black Spruce and Grey Pine

    These are another very good pellet out of Canada. They’re probably a slight tick below similar Canadian pellets though. Pellets are a light blonde color and have a nice sheen. I did get a bit of funneling in the hopper. Ash was coarse and darker brown in color and fluffy. I had very low fines in the bag.

    All in all I these pellets burned well and the glass stayed fairly clean. I was a bit let down by the higher ash volume of these but still acceptable. That being said I rate these a solid 3.5 stars (borderline 4)


    Disclaimer: as with everything....YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY....the review is just my opinion of them​

    ***Pictures may not reflect actual color of pellets and ash***
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