Kohler engine, how to remove spark plug

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    This was frustrating. I post this for others to find this thread if they come across this in the future.

    The Kohler SH265 engine, 6.5hp, on my Countyline 25-ton splitter will not start, it sat up for months. So, I wanted to check the spark plug, as I did start is a few months back but it died and would not start again with multiple tries. The dang spark plug wire that attaches to the end of the spark plug has a metal sheath over it. I've never seen anything like this. It fully encloses the wire, it's about 6 inches long. I assume it is a heat shield, as it is next to the muffler. It looks like it is hinged but saw no clasp on it to remove it. I was hesitant to yank on something I knew nothing of and a google search was of no help until I found a thread elsewhere where a fellow was confused as me. The answer he got from the mechanic seemed simple but was actually confusing to me due to the way he worded it. I was afraid I might tear something up, lol, but I finally figured out that I need to just twist the metal shield and yank harder. You can grasp the metal shield (assuming it's not hot!) and pull hard and the plug wire will disconnect from the spark plug. Kinda like normal, except you have this heat shield thing (along with the wire) in your hand, lol. So, there ya go. I even asked two mechanically-minded friends and they didn't know exactly what to do either.

    A picture is below.

    Turns out, I have no spark, so, will replace the plug and go from there.

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    Gee! My County Line 25 ton got caught in flood waters a couple of years ago and I pulled the plug to pump the cylinder full of WD 40 to get the water out. I don't remember any trouble getting the plug out at all. It has the same setup as yours. I just pulled the housing, wire and unscrewed the plug.

    BTW, the splitter suffered no ill effects, starts on the third pull, runs like a champ and doesn't use oil.
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