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    I picked up a Kamado Joe Classic 3 this weekend so I thought I would share. I kinda knew that I was going to go with a Joe especially once I heard how innovative they've been and how good the customer service is. The supply of the Classic 2 series seems to be getting real tight (at least in the Calgary Alberta region). They are $1599. I had just convinced the wife that I should get one when I found out there werent any around so I would have to move up to the Classic Joe 3 which is $700 more but Im glad I made the 3 hour trip to the city to buy one. I secretly wanted the 3 anyways but was having a hard time with the price. The new sloroller system was a bit to neat of a smoking toy for me to pass up. This smoker hasnt completely replaced my Bradley smoker as I will still use that from time to time especially for smoking fish at real low temps. Im not an expert on the Joes as Ive only done 2 smokes on it so far but Im impressed at how long the ceramics hold heat and was very impressed at how little lump it uses.
    Heres a link to a review of the classic joe 3 and the big joe 3 along with a video showing the sloroller and how it works. Ive spent lots of time watching reviews and comparisons of the Joes on you tube and felt this would be a good bet for me.
    Kamado Joe Classic III & Big Joe III Expert Review : BBQGuys

    Heres some pics of my second cook last night of some nice thick rib steaks smoked over lump and apple at 220F for 45 minutes then seared on the cast iron quick.

    20200905_180342.jpg 20200906_191956.jpg 20200906_201522 (002).jpg 20200907_175320.jpg 20200907_185012.jpg 20200907_185115.jpg 20200907_200338.jpg 20200907_200525.jpg
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