Manufacturer DIY Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens, Smokers, BBQ Grills, Pig Roasters and an AWESOME Fire Pit Grill!

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    Hello all -

    Before I spend 3 hours writing a bio of our company, I'm going to provide a quick profile and update this page on a later date.

    We are BrickWood Ovens - America’s LEADING manufacturer of Outdoor Pizza Oven Kits! We offer more sizes and styles of wood-fired pizza ovens than any other pizza oven brand and we always have the lowest price. No matter your masonry skill level, you too can build a rock-solid brick pizza oven with a low-cost pizza oven kit and locally sourced DIY pizza oven construction materials. And our uber-detailed pizza oven plans show you how to build a pizza oven so you can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on your wood fired pizza oven!

    Here are links to what we offer the wood-fired community -

    Outdoor Pizza Oven Installation Instructions - Let show you how to build a pizza oven with our ridiculously-detailed and colorfully illustrated DIY Pizza Oven installation instructions.

    Fire Pit Grill - Our newest addition is a hit with my family, and most likely with yours too! Let us show you how to build a cinder block fire pit / fire pit grill with budget-friendly concrete block. Download our FREE Installation Instructions (PDF) and enjoy delicious wood-fired BBQ by this weekend!

    Firewood Near Me - We are in the process of creating a HUGE list of firewood dealers for our customers to reference when searching for firewood in their region. We have well over 1000 current / active firewood dealers - and we would love to add more! If you are not on our list, please let us know and we will add your contact into (but you must have a LIVE website).

    If you have any questions about building a Pizza Oven / DIY pizza oven, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at anytime! We'd love to answer any questions you may have!


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