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★★★★★ A dray

Discussion in 'Firewood Accessories' started by Backwoods Savage, Aug 24, 2014.

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    Hauling logs out can be a challenge sometimes. One of the biggest problems is that pulling a log on the ground will get all sorts of dirt into the bark which will cause you to have to sharpen your saw chain a lot! And easy fix is the dray.

    This one I put together in an hour or so and the total cost was around $10 because I had to buy a couple of bolts. The other wood we had on hand and was just scrap. Even the landscape timbers. We got these out of a neighbor's woods as he had just thrown them on a brush pile. Yes, we did get permission first.
    Dray-1.JPG Hauling logs c.JPG
    In addition to keeping the logs out of the dirt, using a dray makes pulling the logs much, much easier. It matters not if you have snow or bare ground. The only time this would not work is if you have a steep and/or long downhill and there is snow or ice on that downgrade. Might be a bit scary, but for most jobs, it will work nicely.