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  1. Grizzly Adam

    top-quotation-marks-left.png Like an idiot I got tunnel vision and like a idiot I don't have chaps. Was watching the tree to see what it was doing became fixated on it and stuck the saw in to cut just a little more. When I pulled the saw out, fortunately it wasn't going full throttle I brushed it against my knee. 14 stitches and extremely lucky. Later I told the wife, who is a ER nurse, I won't be cutting again without chaps PERIOD. bottom-quotation-marks-right.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Stlshrk
    The cost of a set of chaps is way less than your Co-Pay at the ER.
  2. Mark Anthony
    Mark Anthony
    The newbie of each chainsaw owner need to see this catastrophe. When they try to use any chainsaw; they should use the helmet, chaps, gloves, boots etc.
  3. Sourwood
    Didn’t own chaps until I found FHC. Glad I have them. Have too much going on to be sidelined on an avoidable thing.
  4. Cold Trigger Finger
    Cold Trigger Finger
    Cut your chaps and you think , crap I gotta buy a new pair of chaps. Cut your leg and it's not even in the same thot process. And it will ALWAYS cost exponentially more.
  5. Grahamt
    Not enough common sense in this world
  6. wheelin1
    Been waiting for mine and yes I am very lucky, I have never used them and when I was younger cut many cords of wood, just recent I was trying to start a saw and got a small bandage injury, had the saw started it would have looked like your injury I am sure. I lost control when the pull cord abruptly stopped when pulled. I was trying to start the saw after replacing the fuel system. Thanks! For sharing I am sure I would have broken down and worked on the wood before the chaps arrived as I got a notice today the shipment was delayed. Good thing I read this this afternoon. Thank you! I will be waiting.
  7. Woodchuck Chuck
    Woodchuck Chuck
    Everyone buying a chainsaw needs to see this. The other day my neighbour was using his wearing shorts and flip flop shoes. Makes your blood curdle.