Tips on safe and legal stove installs

Safe install

  1. Dumf
    Incomplete with no info on existing flues and DIY flues.
    Better detailed specs from real chimney installers and manufacturers like ICC and Selkirk.
    The mfr instructions are easy to follow and safe.
    I've installed 4 Selkirk stove to roof systems in the past years for wood stove problems/
    1. BHoller
      Author's Response
      Yes I agree is is totally incomplete. But the only way to make it complete would be link to every chimney liner connector pipe and stove manufacturers instructions as well as code for masonry chimneys and unlisted appliances. This really isn't that complicated just find all applicable recourses and follow them. And yes selkirks instructions are pretty good. Their pipe isn't the easiest to work with but it is decent quality especially if you get one of their better lines.
  2. Well Seasoned
    Well Seasoned
    I like this so far!